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For those dental patients in Marion, IA who have broken, damaged, decaying or missing teeth and are interested in enhancing their smile, removable partial or complete dentures may be just what you need. Dentures are removable tooth replacement devices that can help those who do not have a full set of teeth. Dentures are one of the most commonly used forms of tooth replacement used by individuals today, and the denture treatments at Cottage Grove Dental Care offer patients a low cost option for replacing teeth.

There are several types of dentures available to Marion, Iowa patients today, and knowing which type will best benefit your individual situation is easy when you visit Dr. Sieverding. Dr. Sieverding will assess your teeth and then prescribe the best course of action.

Dentures and Partials
					Marion, IA

For some patients, partial dentures will be suggested. These are used when patients have a single tooth or a group of teeth that need to be replaced. Partial replacements can be either fixed or removable. Discuss your individual needs with Dr. Sieverding in order to determine the best course of treatment.

If patients are looking to replace more than just a few missing teeth, Dr. Sieverding may suggest complete dentures. Complete dentures are used on patients who are missing most or all of their teeth by replacing a complete arch of teeth at one time. Like partial dentures, full dentures can be either fixed or removable. Fixed dentures offer patients more stable support, but for patients who need immediate assistance, removable dentures may be a better option.

When you visit our denture dentist at Cottage Grove Dental Care for a denture consultation, all of the benefits of each type of dentures will be fully explained. Dentures can help both men and women enhance their smile and increase their confidence. Having a beautiful smile is about more than feeling confident, which is why the denture treatments at Cottage Grove Dental Care can help you to speak and eat with ease, while providing added comfort and more symmetry to your overall facial structure. Find out more about complete dentures and removable partials dentures today.

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